We are always happy to have expectant parents visit our office to talk with one of the physicians prior to the arrival of the newborn.  Please call 895-0524 to schedule an appointment for such a visit.  We will be delighted to talk with you and give you a tour of our office at that time! However, our website should provide most of the information that you would need, so if you want to stop by just for a tour, you can do that also.

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A new, AAP supported book on breastfeeding is now in print and available.  Very much worth the effort to get if you are even considering breastfeeding.  Check it out HERE.
Also check out the "All About Moms" site 

Another good site to visit :  nursing-station.com  The store is called The Nursing Station, Inc. and it is located near our office in Dupont Square North, next to Suburban Hospital.    It's a terrific  pregnancy, breastfeeding & new mom resource center.

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While we do not attend any deliveries, we do make rounds on newborns at Baptist East, Suburban, and Norton Hospitals.  Within 24 hours of the birth, we will be in to examine the baby and address any concerns or questions that you may have.  If your child requires more than routine newborn care, a neonatologist or other specialist may be consulted to assist in the management of your child's needs.

Dr. Stoutt's guidebook to newborn care. 

Two weeks after delivery is usually when we want to see your child in the office for the first time.  However, if we feel it is necessary to see your child before this time, we will let you know.  Remember that you are always welcome and encouraged to call with questions, or bring the baby in to see us at anytime if you have concerns. Remember, there are no "stupid" questions when it comes to your child's health and well being.

Let's check things out.

These are scheduled for 20 minutes in duration, but this is mainly doctor/patient time.  Expect to be in the office longer than that for necessary paperwork and, usually, immunizations.  Your baby's first year is filled with well checkups, and, at minimum, we will be seeing him or her at 2 weeks, 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months.  At these visits your baby will be weighed and measured, and these results plotted on a growth chart to assess your child's physical development.  Visits may also include blood work, urinalysis, and immunizations. Your child's motor, social, and cognitive development will also be addressed at each check up.

At Springs Pediatrics, our policy is that immunizations (particularly those that are required by the schools) are not optional. We are happy to discuss any and all of them with you, but will not compromise the health of our patients (especially those under 2 who are still completing their series of shots) by exposing them to unimmunized children, even just in the waiting rooms. We recognize that parents have the right to refuse immunizations, but we also have the right to refuse to treat unimmunized patients.
Immunizations A schedule of Immunizations will be given to you, but you also may access it here.

We love coming for checkups ... just not the shots!

Also at these visits we will look the child over head to toe...literally!  These visits are important for us to be able to identify problems early, should there be any, and to discuss general care and answer your questions.  A handout will be given to you at each visit about what to expect for your age child.  If you would like to view these prior to your visit, you can find them on our "Well Child Page". 


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Information on this site is provided for the benefit of prospective and current patients of Springs Pediatrics. It should not be used to replace regular health care visits or discourage phone calls to our office.  Please consult a health care professional in person with questions or concerns about your health care needs. You are welcome to e-mail us with comments or suggestions, but NO MEDICAL ADVICE will be provided via this system.