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Springs Medical Center

Springs Pediatrics is located in the Springs Medical Center off Dutchman's Parkway.  We are located minutes from both Baptist East and Surburban Hospitals, with easy access from the Watterson Expressway and also Interstate 64 via Cannons Lane.



The Springs Medical Center is divided into two buildings, 6400 (see picture) and 6420. We are located in the 6400 building, in Suite 15, which is on the ground (or lower) level.  However, while you can enter via the front of the building, you will save a lot of time, walk a lot  less, and have much better parking options if you park around the side of the 6400 building, using our side access doorway "Stairwell 2."


6400 Dutchmans Parkway

Easy access to our office.

Once you have come in this entrance, you will take the stairway down to the lower level.  

Our office is located on the right side of the hallway, with separate waiting rooms for well and sick children. Just look for our signs!




 Ample parking is available at the Springs Medical Center, with closest parking being  reserved for patients.  If you have further questions, please call our office!  

Lots of parking!

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