Age Appropriate Toys


The following is a list of toys that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for specific age groups. Use these recommendations when shopping for toys. However, always remember that these are merely guidelines. Parents should continue to watch out for mislabeled toys and always provide proper supervision for children.

Newborn to 1-Year Old Baby

Choose “eye catching” toys that appeal to your baby’s sight, hearing, and touch.

  1. Large blocks of wood or plastic
  2. Pots and pans
  3. Rattles
  4. Soft, washable animals, dolls
  5. Large balls
  6. Busy boards
  7. Floating bath toys
  8. Squeeze toys
  9. Musical toys

1- to 2-Year Old Toddler

Choose toys that are safe and able to withstand a toddler’s curious nature.

  1. Cloth or plastic books with large pictures
  2. Sturdy dolls
  3. Kiddy cars
  4. Musical tops
  5. Nesting blocks
  6. Push and pull boys (remember, no long strings)
  7. Stacking toys
  8. Toy telephones

2- to 5-Year Old Preschooler

This age group loves toys to experiment with and to imitate the activity of parents and older children.

  1. Books (short stories or action stories)
  2. Blackboard and chalk
  3. Building blocks
  4. Crayons, nontoxic finger paints, clay
  5. Hammer and bench
  6. Housekeeping toys
  7. Outdoor toys: sandbox (with a lid), slide, swing, play house
  8. Transportation toys (tricycles, cars, wagons)
  9. Tape or record player
  10. Simple puzzles with large pieces
  11. Dress-up clothes
  12. Tea party utensils

5- to 9-Year Old Child

The young school-aged child needs toys that promote skill development and creativity.

  1. Blunt scissors, sewing sets
  2. Card games
  3. Doctor and nurse kits
  4. Hand puppets
  5. Balls
  6. Bicycles
  7. Crafts
  8. Electric trains
  9. Paper dolls
  10. Jump ropes
  11. Roller skate
  12. Sports equipment
  13. Table games

10- to 14-Year Old Child

Hobbies and scientific activities are ideal for this age group

  1. Non-violent or educational computer games
  2. Sewing, knitting, needlework
  3. Microscopes/telescopes
  4. Table and board games
  5. Sports equipment
  6. Hobby collections

Vaccine Update


Flu shots (and Flu Mist for healthy kids 5 years and over) ARE AVAILABLE NOW! They are now recommended for everyone 6 months and over, with the “at high risk” patients getting first priority. These include children with asthma, diabetes, heart defects, and any child 6 months to 2 years old.  Despite what many believe, you CANNOT get the flu (INFLUENZA) from the Flu Shot. However, only certain strains of flu are in the vaccine each year, and since this virus has a tendency to mutate, you could become ill with other “flu” strains or viruses that cause flu-like symptoms. You may bring your child in during shot hours (including Saturdays, but it will be busy!), or inquire about it at the next check up. You can get the flu shot with other immunizations. 
 Many of you have inquired about Gardasil (the vaccine against Human Papilloma Virus, which is known to cause Cervical Cancer) It is NOW AVAILABLE at our office. Anthem and Humana are reimbursing for it if you have coverage for preventive vaccinations (it is a three shot series) and hopefully others will follow suit, but for now we are asking that you pay us directly before receiving it and then bill your insurance to get reimbursed. We feel it is important to be able to offer it to our patients, but simply cannot afford to stock it when we aren’t sure what (or when) insurance is going to reimburse for it.
Other news:
The school forms you receive with your checkups are included in the checkup. However, if you need extra forms filled out due to loss or other reasons, you will be charged an extra fee to cover the extra cost to reproduce those forms. We also are charging when we are asked to fill out forms or write letters for patients that require more than a few checks and a signature. Please fill out as much as you can before you give them to us to decrease the cost and turnaround time for completion.